COVID-19 & Influenza vaccine

While ethnic/racial minorities have been disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in Los Angeles (L.A.) County, California, research suggests they have low confidence in the safety and effectiveness of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Influenza vaccines. Low confidence in these vaccines stems from historical traumas related to medical experimentation, misinformation, distrust between racial/ethnic minorities and government institutions.

Therefore, there is a need for public health efforts that directly confront and address deep historical traumas, (2) dispel misinformation, and (3) create higher levels of trust between L.A. County racial and ethnic communities, local government, and healthcare providers in order to promote vaccine uptake.

Project Objectives

  • Provide safe community engagement to directly confront and address deep historical traumas

  • Increase knowledge of and confidence in COVID-19 and Influenza vaccine

  • Counter vaccine mis- and disinformation and increase public support for the individual and societal benefits of the vaccination

  • Reduce disparities and inequities in vaccine confidence and acceptance

  • Increase community advocates capacity to promote knowledge of the benefits of immunization and increased vaccine acceptance

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