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Community Health Workers

APHealth ensures BIPOC community member THRIVE by providing access to culturally affirming, gender and disability affirming mental and physical healthcare.

We aim to address the cultural, linguistics, gender and disability needs of diverse populations in order to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities.

Culturally and linguistically appropriate services

Our staff are representative of the communities served, providing cultural interpretation and linguistic translation services, and offering materials and resources in multiple languages.

Cultural competency training

Our Community Health Workers (CHW) receive training on cultural competency, including understanding and respecting the cultural beliefs, values, and practices of the communities they serve. Training also includes education on gender and disability issues and how to provide inclusive and affirming care.

Community outreach and engagement

Our program engage with community organizations and leaders to build trust and establish partnerships and may also conduct outreach to inform the community about available services.

Coordination with other healthcare and social services:

Our program works with other healthcare providers and social service organizations to ensure that patients receive comprehensive, coordinated and affirming care from providers.

Accessibility accommodations

Our program offers physical and communication accommodations to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to services.

Data collection and analysis

Our program collects and analyze data on the demographics and health needs of the community served, as well as the impact of services, in order to continuously improve and tailor services.

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