Our focus is on equity vs. equality, turning away from our broken systems and turning towards justice.

We turn up the voices of the marginalized and require that those in the dominant culture listen, educate themselves on history, strengthen their empathy muscles and develop language to understand marginalization and oppression.

We spotlight the stories, the concerns, and the injustices of marginalized people groups so that together we can heal, change and be reconciled in unity.

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something" - Max Lucado

Show your support with the purchase of a Unity Flag. The Unity Flag represents the oneness of the human family, from the darkest of us to the lightest of us.

The black represents all Black people. The Brown represents Latinos and Native Americans. The Beige represents those who are identified as other, whether they are Asian, Middle Eastern, Islander, etc. The White represents White allies who stand in support of solidarity with the rest of the human family.

The spirit of its design was directly inspired by the revolutionary hip-hop group Dead Prez and their RBG flag.

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We believe people can only make confident decisions about their lives when they are armed with information. We're on a mission to open access and promote personal agency through the empowerment of education. We encourage people to stay informed as part of their work to become the best possible versions of themselves.